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Patients with mild to moderate pain may consider the rejuvenating qualities provided by RELeV. This all-natural regenerative product, which is offered by New Life Regenerative Medicine at clinics located throughout the United States, is a liquid amnion allograft composed of amniotic fluid and features many components that enhance your body’s natural healing process.


The amnion (innermost layer of the placenta) protects the fetus during development, and it can also provide the same protection to injured or traumatized tissue. A protein-rich fluid with proven regenerative potential, its components regulate and maintain regenerative tissue processes. RELeV contains collagen substrates, growth factors, amino acids, polyamides, lipids, carbohydrates, cytokines, and extracellular matrix molecules such as hyaluronic acids and fibronectin, all components that are needed for tissue regeneration.


As is the case with stem cell treatments, RELeV uses the body’s own repair mechanisms to promote healing. This treatment option is created using amniotic fluid derived from placental tissue obtained during a normal delivery from well-screened donors. RELeV offers several components that make it an ideal choice for patients considering regenerative medicine options. The advantages of RELeV include the fact that:


  • Like stem cell treatments, RELeV has the potential to help with inflammation almost immediately and may continue to restore function for longer periods of time than other regenerative medicine treatments.

  • The components are immune-privileged, meaning there is minimal chance of being rejected by the recipient.

  • RELeV is administered through a simple in-office procedure, reducing the length of office visits.

  • It may be more effective than other treatments, particularly for older patients.


RELeV is used for several different applications in which stem cell treatments may be effective, including pain management for chronic conditions and joint disorders, anti-aging and aesthetic treatments, injury recovery, hair restoration, and wound treatment. It may also be used to potentially speed recovery following spinal surgery or to promote the healing of a spinal condition so that invasive treatments may be avoided.

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